Gur Aasra Trust (Regd.) is located in Village Palsora, Sector-55 of City Beautiful. The trust is managed by a Sikh messiah named Kawar Singh Dhami, who has a heart of gold and lives by slogan ‘Service of humanity is service to God’. There were various motives to form this trust which includes help and support to destitute, sick, widows, children who are orphaned, abandoned or rendered at risk by a host of factors disabled deprived and less fortunate irrespective of caste, colour, region, religion belief or distinction. Since its inception trust has been providing untiring services day and night selflessly in above-described objectives.

Gur Aasra Trust is running a Children Home (Charitable Children Institute) with proper standards prescribed by humanitarian organisation like UNISEF, WHO, UNESCO, UNICEF, RED CROSS, AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL and above all Government of India through its Acts, Rules and regulation needed to run and manage a child care institute i.e. JJ ACT 2015, orphanages and other charitable home Supervision and control act 1960.

The belief that placing a child in institutional care is the best option is one that can be associated with a ‘‘rescue mentality.’’ However, this children home management vision is to create such an environment which encourage child reintegration to their families and communities and promote their stay in families. The child who deserves to be in a CCI is one who is being harmed or is at risk of harm and the stay should be for the shortest time possible as family-based care arrangements are being sorted out.

This Children home lay stress (since admission of a child till exit) on individual child care plan, child’s health rights , right to nutritious and adequate food , access to water, sanitation and promotion of hygiene , right to quality education , right to leisure activities , right to information and training on life skills , right to psychosocial care and support, right to protection from abuse, violence, exploitation and negligence, child’s legal rights and access to legal aid, physical safety of children , children’s accommodation , child participation.

Children are treated with dignity and respect at all times and must benefit from effective protection from abuse, neglect, and all forms of exploitation, whether on the part of care providers, peers or third parties interacting with the CCI. We respect the contributions, involvement and voices of children at all times. We understand that Children are the future of society survival and their welfare should, therefore, be guarded by all means. Placing children in CCIs is a last resort when family support and all family- based care options have failed. All arrangements are ensured that a child’s basic needs that include love, food, shelter, clothing, education, protection, psychosocial support and medical care are met. We provide the support and guidance required to enable the children to develop to their full potential.

Gur Aasra Provides Vocational ad Rehabilitation training in various skill development and technical streams in short and long term basis to equip these inmates to be ready to face future in civil society after their exit from CCI. The trust maintain a spiritual atmosphere in campus hence willing children are at liberty to follow their individual faith with full freedom, in fact, assistance needed in this regard is provided by exposing them to training of Gur mat Sangeet, kirtan, musical recitation, martial art activity etc. We follow traits of our ancient rich heritage but same time our children are not denied exposure to latest trends and information technology and science advancements but in certain limits and away from evils of these advancements.